About Us

Logiconnect is a transportation company that specializes in same day delivery services in Michigan, Northern Ohio and Indiana. Our same day Coverage area allows Logiconnect the ability to offer transportation solutions to our customer for their customers. Our customer service as well as our Technology capabilities offer our customers an enhanced view of tracking from origin to destination.

Logiconnect has over 21 years of transportation experience. Our experience includes understanding the just in time process as well as sequences. Our specialization includes networking and working with 3PL companies. Our ground services help support critical shipments that are time sensitive for meeting the expectations of air and ocean services.

The mission of Logiconnect is to provide logical solutions that allow our customers to meet the needs of their customers by successfully connecting their transportation needs.

The vision of Logiconnect is to become an innovator in the transportation industry. Our goal is to create a business model that is comprehensible to the shipping concerns of our customers. We will strive to continuously monitor the transportation market for potential behavior changes that would identify opportunities to increase capabilities and cost savings for ourselves and our customers.


“Logiconnect is more than a logistics company. They are our professional family that has provided outstanding service for the past seven years”

- Fred Guimaraes, General Manager of Metal Forming

“We can all ways count on Logiconnect to meet our expedited needs. They continuously assist us in our just in time process.”

- Derrick Nichols, Lead release analyst Magna/Cosma Body Assembly Michigan

“We have used Logiconnect as a broker. Their brokering capabilities are consistent with what they say they can do and what we need as a company.”

- Brain McKinney, CEO Gayanga Co

“Logiconnect’s ability to pay fast is why I continue to partner with them. Having them as a broker I can always rely on them to process my paperwork and payments quick.”

- Donald Defoe, CEO of Defoe Transportation.